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Few things around the shop…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted or even made anything really, I’ve been very busy with snow falling and work at the local ski hill. In my spare time I have been teaching myself CAD and working on some design and artistic elements that will hopefully make their way onto the site.

One of my long running ideas is to organize my work and educational material to resemble a video game or role playing game. There’s quite a bit of psychology behind the idea, which I was exposed to through one of my favorite classes in college based around digital culture. The work of Jane McGonigal in particular really made an impact on designing knowledge and skill progressions to keep students engaged ( TED Talks ).

In working towards this idea, and balancing all of the other wacky projects I have ruminating, I took up pixel art to refocus and simplify the essence of my goals. Pixel art creates a purposeful sandbox in which to play around in without getting lost. By limiting myself to 100 pixels and 2 tones, the goal of telling a story becomes less daunting. It’s relaxing and stimulating simultaneously, while offering a progression of larger canvases, textures, and colors.

My Singer 6800 pixelated

Reflecting on what I’ve experienced so far, my limited time with pixel art has reminded me of the core values that draw me towards craft. It’s so easy to get lost in any aspect of making something – or really – making something of one’s life. It’s been about chasing the best of the best, and trying to become the best but I’ve been reminded that it’s about the story, which can be related in very simple terms, 1,000 pixels and sometimes 2 colors.

Anyway, looking forward I’ll be working on pixelating some of my tools and machines and working on a skill tree as a guide for both my journey through the craft world and anyone wanting to follow along. Until next time!

Horse and rider heading towards the canyons during sunset animation